Who We Are

Kevin Broccoli, Indexer & Taxonomist at BIM

Kevin has been indexing and creating or implementing taxonomies for more than 19 years. He served as Vice President of the New York Chapter of the American Society of Indexers. He has taught courses on indexing of websites, intranets and other digital content. Kevin has developed a course for UC Berkeley on embedded indexing and indexing of ebooks. He is currently an instructor for the course. You can reach him at kevin@bim.net

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Jennifer Broccoli, CFO at BIM

Jennifer manages the financial side of BIM. Along with Kevin, she brainstorms about innovative ways to advance the organization and retrieval of information in the digital age.

Claudia Self, Production Manager

Claudia has been with BIM since its first year in business. She manages all conventional book indexing projects.



Nadia Digre

Nadia has been indexing for 13 years. She specializes in the social sciences and humanities.

Chris Degnan

Chris indexes books on cinema and photography and is the indexer of Astronomy magazine.

Barbara Degnan

Barbara specializes in indexing books on history and government and also enjoys indexing “how-to” books.

Alexis Digre

Alexis indexes books related to the social sciences and psychology.

Aaron Hazelton

Aaron indexes computer programming and software books. He is our resident geek :-), providing tech support and developing software for in-house use here at BIM.

   Indexing Assistant: Kimberly Weaver