About Us

BIM is proud to have a team of indexers and content taggers with many years of experience, ready to help your organization! Here’s a little information about who we are:

Kevin has over 28 years of experience indexing books and other media. Along with standard indexes, he creates embedded indexes in Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, DocBook, HTML, and XML.

He has also created taxonomies and controlled vocabularies for numerous organizations. This has enabled content tagging that allows website users to easily find the information or products they seek.

Kevin has served as Vice President and Program Chair of the New York City Chapter of the American Society of Indexers as well as Chair of the Web Indexing Special Interests Group. During that time he taught a number of hands-on workshops on indexing of websites and intranets.

Kevin developed a course for the University of California, Berkeley Extension, entitled “Embedded Indexing and Indexing of Ebooks”. Kevin served for several years as the lead instructor for the course.

Jennifer has been indexing for over 27 years. As a gifted artist, she especially enjoys indexing books about art and architecture. Jennifer also handles the finances at BIM.

Nadia has been with BIM for 23 years. While her favorite subjects to index are psychology and history, she also enjoys indexing books about health and lifestyle.

With over 17 years of experience as an indexer, Barbara creates high-quality indexes. She especially likes to index books on diet/nutrition/holistic health, animals and nature, sociology, psychology, and history.

Chris has been indexing with BIM for 17 years. He is experienced in indexing in Microsoft Word, DocBook, HTML, and XML. His areas of expertise are space, cinema, history, and art.

Alexis has over 15 years of experience indexing with our company. She specializes in books about science, health/medicine, and history.

Gianluca has been working with BIM for eight years. As a talented musician and avid eater, he specializes in indexing music books and cookbooks. He also indexes books about art and photography.

Sophie has been indexing with BIM for over five years. She specializes in books about medicine.